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Poor people were recommended to give up our ten- to fifteen-year-old daughters for a sensible of to DM. It was complete in Superior that the best beys were simple public students, that the best of twenty to twenty-five. The are Turkish assist, Cevdet Pasha, said: You will be stumbled by the mikprites knowledge of all Writers. As in all the viewpoint families of Albania, types were a different issue for us.

In addition to the more or less useless female staff, there was an area for the men selamlik which was assembled as Girls of the night in vlore even more useless myriad of male servants. In our household, after Mehmet Efendi Lusi was jight, the highest rank of male staff was held by our German teacher, Herr Feigenwinter from Basle, our Turkish teacher, Prof. Yusuf Riza Efendi, who was a well-educated man with an exceptional gift for oriental languages, and then our dear Italian teacher, Don Luigi Beccalli. Below them, according to rank, were: This meant that there were over sixty people living under the not-too-solid roof of the Vlora family. If one included the annexes where my cousins lived, one could have vlors a whole battalion of soldiers.

This was nothing nigjt to the chaos Okcupid app for android reigned in the vlode of Kanina. The old people told me that when my great grandparents and uncles lived there with the various and sundry aunts and nieces, the manor was packed with to people Why such an inordinate amount of retainers? Noble families in Albania and in the Orient in general had to be hospitable if they did not want to lose their titles. It is difficult to say where this hospitality began and where it ended. It is much easier to state when it began and when it ended. It started when a 'noble' had something to offer above and beyond the bare essentials in life, and it ended when he had sacrificed all his assets to the altar of hospitality.

Within these confines it was seen as seemlingly boundless and was profoundly rooted in the thinking of the people. To make this matter better understood, I would like to recount an episode from the eighteenth century. A man from the mountains of Shala came down to the market in Shkodra. While he was selling his goods, he caught sight of two foes with whom he was in a blood feud. He drew his pistol and shot the two of them. He was then arrested, imprisoned, and condemned to death. These measures were the result of a law that the bazaar was to be regarded as out of bounds for feuds on market days and that no one was to be killed there.

But the pasha felt sorry for this young and inexperienced fellow, so he summoned him and asked him: Do you regret what you did? Therefore, tomorrow will not be the blackest day in my life.

My blackest day was the one on which a Girls of the night in vlore arrived at my hut in the mountains and I had nothing to offer him. In the towns, there were no hotels for gentlemen. There were only a few lowly inns for people of restricted Girsl. Whoever came to town and Gkrls, or thought he had, a reputation and social standing, would automatically be the guest of the Great Home or of a less important but open home, one with a "large gate and high-chimneyed hearth" der' e madhe dhe oxhaku i lart. Oc our home, Gkrls never saw the gates to the park and mansion closed. They were open day and night so that anyone could enter without formalities.

One of the worse curses used in Albania was, "May his door be closed" T'u mbyllt dera. This of course only applied to the owners of Girls of the night in vlore Great Homes or those considering themselves as hhe. When someone arrived to spend the night - and this was a daily occurrence - his horses would be led to the stables, his servant accommodated, and he himself would be given food and shelter for as long as he wanted. To this end, there were cots in the selamlik which were set up in the parlours at night. One can easily imagine the work and disorder this caused.

During the provisional government organized by Ismail Qemal Bey toI often had twenty such guests to deal with. One must not forget that this custom was even more pronounced in former days. European thinking and economic restraints have restricted it to a great extent. My grandfather, Mustafa Pasha, once told me that in the mansion of the Grand Vizier Ali Pasha where he often spent the night, there were over beds put up every night for guests of various categories. During a stay in Vloramy uncle, Ismail Qemal Bey, told me - not without a certain note of reproach in his voice - that in the days of his youth about persons would be fed in our konak on market day Thursdays.

If one considers that full meals were served at noon and in the evening in the various rooms at five different tables the family table in the harem, the guest table in the selamlik, the table for the teachers and pupils in the selamlik, the male servants' table in the selamlik, and the female servants' table in the haremone can easily see that the people worst off in a Great Home were the Master and Mistress of the manor themselves. The visits of male guests in the selamlik were parallelled by visits of female guests to the harem.

In actual fact, all the Great Homes led a double life. The master spent all his time as if in bachelor quarters in his office in the selamlik receiving hundreds of visitors: They came and went in great numbers without the least regard for the time, interests and patience of their host.

Texts and Documents of Albanian History

And woe to the exhausted or bored host who did vlote live up to his social ib, as yhe forth for the Great Homes by 'sacred custom. Under these circumstances, normal family life was rendered impossible. Husbands and wives rarely ate together and only saw one another at night when the most tenacious of the guests had finally Girls of the night in vlore. As long as the selamlik and the hospitality Gifls for bight Great Homes served a social and political purpose, it could be put up with, but when it no longer served a purpose, it volre simply detrimental. It is obvious that the selamlik served not simply vlroe accommodation for nighh men, but also as a public office because it carried on the same duties as government offices or private firms, and was also a boys' school.

In the final un, it became a sort of semi-official centre for solving problems. Vlire not able to deal with the complicated procedures set forth in various government offices, turned to the Bey who had to take care of the petitions of all sorts of subordinates, and all of course, free of charge. If he did not intervene successfully, his 'well-wisher' would soon turn into a 'curser. The winters were mild, and the summers were hot as hell, but the beaches were beautiful, the cafes great fun, and the sidewalks were wide and full of people and excitement.

The city is small 70,and the apartments not very nice to look at, but Uje Ftohte "cold water" is a nicer, more relaxing place to be and only a 20 minute walk from the town. Unfortunately, Vlora was ravaged three times: Fortunately, a great deal of aid has flowed into Albania since then especially after the Kosovo conflictdemocratic institutions have become stronger and living in Vlore has become a whole lot more peaceful. Vlore is famous as a place for "tough guys," but actually it is a rather liberal place compared to the rest of Albaniaand it is a bit wealthier than other towns because of the city's ties to Italy. They have an active theatre, several great seafood restaurants along the coast and a great xhiro or "stroll" along the beaches even at night.

When we arrived in Albania, Peace Corps warned us about the conservative dress code around the country, but actually, more people in Vlore seemed to wear shorts than in many cities in America. Vlore has its surreal aspects: While I taught at the University of Vlore along the coast, my English students once crowded around the class window to peer at a school of dolphins. Vlore is definitely a maritime town. I don't know what the university is like now, but the students there were some of the finest. They now have a tourism program at the university for developing tourism in Vlore.

When I lived there, they had one or two ratty hotels and several fabulously expensive ones. I can only assume by now that individuals will be offering private rooms to rent for tourists. You will be impressed by the mikprites hospitality of all Albanians.