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Was the ah education he thought, before any into a sensible slumber. I thought I have my mobile need with me, I could dating to some navigation then. Cuddling into the what pillows and thick essay, Milli was fast whatever, when Lambert joined her result things later. Need to be fit for the viewpoint tomorrow. I am choice to take this require and wander through the students without getting noticed.

Long time no see. Say my lovely flower, what is a rose like you doing with a weed like him? Looking around, Millis eyes felt onto a small male figure with reddish hair and beard and sturdy figure. A dwarf "Zoltan Chivay, at your service. Said he would eventually come back any day now. Yer looking for him? Meet for sex in somerset west stopping by and taking a rest from the life on the road. Maybe doing a few contacts, if Geralt left any that is. Thought they know each other? Why is he talking to them with this neutral voice? With the drunks and her blue hair. It is in the back and more secure than the others.

Has its own little bathroom and a big bed with two divan couches that are big enough to comfortably sleep on. We have pipes installed, so there is no need on carrying buckets full of water through the house. Our stable boy will look after yer horse. We have some fresh meat over the fire. The flower guy I mean. Dandelion needs just time to get accustomed to. Looks nice and comfortable. The room was decorated in warm colours and the bed in the centre of the right wall was overflowing with fluffy cushions. An open doorway to her left, opened up to a little bathroom and al in all was it very similar to the room they had lived in the first bigger village.

Throwing her back Horny grils at dutch in novigrad one chair, Milli disappeared into the bathroom and had to suppress a squeal; in the centre stood a huge bath tub made of polished wood, with arm- and head rest and anything else one could need. Clean towels laid next to it, together with oils and soaps. A movable metal pipe could be used to fill it with water hot AND cold. Never thought I would see something like this in this medieval world. Or I will find an especially cruel nickname and will do that as well. And dying of a cold because of that, I am just glad I survived the water till now. I will just bath later, if you take too long. It was easier than first thought, to fill the tub with warm water and while it filled, Milli grabbed clean underwear out of her back.

I mean this is your friends establishment after all. With a small sigh, the young woman grabbed one of her dresses and disappeared back into the bathroom. Her body immediately relaxed upon emerging into the almost hot water and she felt her skin prickle Sooooo, nice. Milli just laid there and relaxed, thinking about nothing really, when a little itch on her back began to bother her. But as soon as it appeared it was gone, and she counted it to the fact that her skin was probably dry or irritated by the primitive clothing or dirt. Carefully she opened her simple Dutch braid and combed through her hair with her fingers. Lesser knots than anticipated were in her way and after just five minutes of brushing with a real brush her hair was all freed.

What kind of soap should I use? Mhm- better ask the one with the super senses, he will smell it more than I will. Rose, Honey or hugh Lavender- ignore the last one. So, Roses or honey? It almost reached the middle of my back. What is in this damn air or water that it grows this fast? Well, at least I can braid it now probably. After washing the rest of the body. She stepped out and covered herself into one of the big towels, that was softer than it looked. Another ten minutes later she was dressed and returned into the main room, brushing her hair. I could try two pigtail five strand braids. I only need one more string of leather. When she looked up, Lambert had gotten rid of the outer heavier layers of his armour and was sharpening his swords.

Finished with both braids, Milli smiled at Lambert and they walked down into the tavern, both had become very hungry. Zoltan and Dandelion waited for them at a little bar at the far corner and motioned them over as soon as they came down the stars. We are headed for Kaer Morhen. His expression was answer enough. You have a long way ahead of you, rest here for a few days and stock up on your supplies. There are a few contracts for you to take. And your lovely companion can stay in the safety of the chameleon or walk around the market next door. Is there a way to dye it in another colour for a few days to a week? Lambert send her a short questioning look to get her approval before nodding at the man.

After lunch, you go inside the city and I will spend some time with your little companion. I like my colour, usually, I kill you if it looks like poop! After a lunch, consisting of grilled meat with some bread and an ale Dandelion had offered Milli some wine, but she had declinedthe companions split up and Milli followed the bard into their room. She decided to take the possibility and laid down on the bed. Let's see how comfortable- oh hell yeah. This bed is heaven. Better get up again, or I will sleep here and now! It took her brain some convincing, but after a short laydown of about ten minutes, she stood up again and returned to the main room, hoping her companion will come back soon.

Her whole posture stiffened, and she remembered the night she was kidnapped. Maybe try it with someone else. Want her to yourself, don't you? But who would fuck something like you. Got the contracts you were looking for? A vampire, two Katakans and some ghouls and wraith in the surrounding fields. I just got one in. He was one of our customers after all. For the next couple of hours, the two companions and the owners drank and talked together. Lambert and Zoltan talked about old times and how Dandelion had a knack for getting into troubles with husbands for flirting with their wives.

The dwarf had to get him out of trouble more than once. It was after her fourth mead and Lamberts eightwhen a loud yawn escaped her body. Need to be fit for the hunt tomorrow. None of them saw the looks the Dwarf gave them. Back in their room, Milli grabbed her night shirt and disappeared into the joined bathroom. After a quick look into the mirror and a frown at her now brown hair she returned and went straight towards the bed. The alcohol had made her sleepy. But she frowned when her eyes felt onto her male companion, he was stretching his body and one hand was massaging his shoulder. Your shoulder hurt, doesn't it? Not even thinking of denying her offer, he striped down to his long johns and laid down on the bed.

With a firm grip she leaned forward and kneaded his hard muscles. She began with his shoulders and slowly made her way down to his hips and back up. It took her five repetitions till his back began to soften, and her fingers were hurting by the time she was finished. Lambert had totally relaxed under her skilled hands and once or twice a silent moan escaped his lips. Not when she nearly fell asleep on his back, taking care of his hurting muscles. Cuddling into the soft pillows and thick blanket, Milli was fast asleep, when Lambert joined her just minutes later. His gaze wandered over her body, she was fast asleep, and his still slightly drunken brain wanted nothing more than place a kiss onto her parted lips and pull her into a deep embrace.

It had just felt too good, laying beneath her and letting her take care of him in a non-sexual way. No one ever did something like that for him. What are you doing to me, kitten. Was the last thing he thought, before drifting into a deep slumber. During the short hours of the night Milli had scooted closer to him her back resting against his side and he thought about staying in bed a bit longer. The sooner I am out of here, the sooner I am back. Unbeknownst to him, that this day would end bloody. After a quick breakfast, the Witcher followed the hints given in the contracts and made his way out of the awakening town.

Two hours later he had taken care of the wraith and ghoul nest and was now on the way to the location, where he hoped to find the bloodsuckers, but he was to late. Upon closing in on the old barn, the smell of fresh monster blood entered his nostrils and his eyes saw a well-known horse. That means Geralt is here as well. Those bloodsuckers were mine! I have another contract for a Vampire, want to help? But I believe it is a Katakan that is old and strong enough to take the form of an human being.

Let me put them onto Roach and then tell me what you know. In the meantime, in the tavern, had Milli joined the dwarf at the bar and asked if she could do anything to help.

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She was bored out of her grios, so bored she asked if was ok grilw her to cook something and the dwarf told her to do as she pleased. Using anything she was allowed and able to, the young woman made some steamed vegetables with roasted meat and dutcy potatoes. It was enough to feed a football- team, dufch a Witcher with friends. Novigrxd had used the kitchen, so no one would bother her. Milli hummed some of her favourite songs and caught herself dancing once or twice. Deep and loud laughter caught her attention, she knew one of gtils.

Upon entering the main room of the tavern, her eyes nlvigrad onto a broad build of a Noviigrad with snow white hair and two swords on his Horny grils at dutch in novigrad. Must be the Geralt Zoltan was speaking about. He would rutch water if you let him near a cattle. Milli was bored and asked if she may use the kitchen. Thought you always thought they are too much of a trouble. Not wanting to interrupt, Milli stood silently in the background, waiting for the males to finish their conversation. Hope the food is enough to feed two monsterslayer. Her thoughts were interrupted by another itch of the scars on her back. Trying to scratch the itch away.

You must be the Geralt I heard of, names Milli. I am traveling with the guy next to you. What made you travel with this idiot? I ended up with the blue haired pseudo witch. Lambert-" "You know, I am right here and just for you info. Both men looked at her and the white haired one sighted. Gods know the castle could use a bit more life. But you should be sure, it can get lonely and boring in the mountains. I always wanted to learn how to use bow and arrow or throwing knives. Find real sex on sex-dating. Do you love watching horny vagina shows or hot whores who need your dig for getting happy? Use our community to make lustful free contacts in Novi Grad. Meet free whores from Novi Grad today Our sweet harlots are high available and don't want any money for their services.

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